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I got lotta white smoke coming out the pipe when I rev the engine, and I look at the pipe and I see condensation on the inside? Is this early signs of a BHG? I and throwing a code 52 (KS). Also the muffler is kinda fubared just for more info. Its been spitting out smoke when id be driving and accelerate quickly, but when I drive under no boost it wont smoke (until today). I did just recently make a makshift hose to run fromt he AFM to the turbo becuas emine was busted and I was throwing codes on that, I reset codes and they didnt come back up so I doubt thats part of the problem but who knows...

Any suggestions on what to do would be grateful, I plan to get it into a mechanic sometime soon, just seein if there is anything I can do for the time being.

EDIT: thanks in advance

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Does it smoke all the time or primarily on startup/while the car is reaching operating temp? i assume from reading your post that it will smoke all of the time...

BHG smoke is a thick white smoke... smells really sweet.

You sure it isnt blue-ish white as that would be oil consumption...

Honestly the best way to test would be a block tester. Also compression and leakdown tests would identify potential problems.

I suggest you drive by a shop sometime tomorrow and see about getting a block test performed. You can also buy your own but they are like 50 bucks and you will never get the amount of money you bought it once you are done with it.

Maybe some of the other guys can offer some more technical advice... but that is my 10 cents.

EDIT: it is also possible that you have a busted coolant line dripping on your DP and other engine components causing the smoke.

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Sometimes it does it and sometime it doesnt. I drove 120 miles the other day without a problem, friend was following me and said he saw no smoke, but I go to start my car this afternoon and it starts smokin. Its white, pretty sure its not blueish. I plan on getting it tested soon.

Thanks for the reply.
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