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if your not reusing the bushing this will work for you. no heat or chemical involved. takes about ten minutes.

razor blade
gear puller. i used a snap on set worked awesome but im sure you can make others work
a wrench to fit the gear puller.

Start by cutting the rubber flap on the inner side of the bushing



Put the puller on the control arm so the arms are grabbing the outer side

Then just tighten the gear puller to push the bushing down.

And just repeat for the other side. takes no time at all.

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Thanks for posting :) A pittman arm puller works well too, or a C-clamp if you have patience and can get it lined up right.

Note that this will only work for the upper control arm bushings (both front and rear if I remember correctly). It works because there isn't a sleeve between the bushing and the control arm like all the other bushings. This sleeve corrodes and glues itself to the bushing, but also slightly rusts to the control arm and makes it a pain in the ass to replace.
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