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Ren Red hated by most and loved by few. There is a reason Ferrari is pictured in red most of the time. My favorite color and have owned 2.

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How bad was the paint? Was it worth doing all of the waxing, or would you just do the ceramic coating if it was available at the time? Does your detailer do interior work, and if so, what products do they recommend?
@signalpuke, hard to explain but the paint was "hard" to the touch, seemingly brittle. It was definitely worth doing all the washing and waxing because the paint needed reconditioning and that's all I knew (wasn't conversant with paint correction techniques in 2006 and had a different detailer at the time).

I had just one simple test. I would lightly touch the paint on Blackie while walking between the two cars. We shut down the weekly wax jobs when ER's paint felt to my touch like Blackie's paint. So, from late 2007/early 2008, it has been just regular care and upkeep until June of 2021 when the ceramic coating was done.

All that work enhanced the glossiness and depth of the paint (paint on side skirts and front and rear bumper caps not original, but dates from 2006) and the results of the ceramic coating referenced earlier.

Yes, my detailer does interiors, but I am not familiar with the products he uses. Will inquire if you want me to pursue it further.

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Love the the 1 up Radiator Ken! I have put this on my list, but some other Supra parts had to take a bump up -(new clutch and OSG LSD) lol.

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