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About 6 months ago or so, I found a budget NA kit posting on here that I can't seem to locate now. It was very in depth on how to get an NA setup for pretty cheap, to include the install procedures.

I know it is stupid to waste money on a kit that will have problems, so I am looking for feedback from anyone who has purchased one of the kits on Ebay for their MKIV NA. I have heard about everything from cracking to the manifolds not even being cut straight.

Since my Uncle was a Master Welder, I plan on purchasing either an X02 or a SSAutoChrome kit and having him inspect the welds, and maybe even modifying some of them for strength. I noticed the X02 manifold seems to already have reinforced flange mounts. Which kit has a better reputation? And what size turbo is the biggest you can fit without running into clearance issues on the Distributor?

Finally, if anyone can get me in touch with SSSUPRA, I would like to call him with a few questions, since he is in my local area and has a NA setup. I haven't had much luck on the search function lately, so bare with me here.

I am not dead-set on an Ebay kit, but I may just try it before I dump 6-8 grand on a TT engine or a nicer NA-T setup.

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From what Ive been told and read, the SSAutoChrome Supra manifolds are made differently than those made for other cars. Theyve been known to be stronger! Also, I have an XO2 Racing manifold and TRD_4_Life on has an SSAutoChrome and mine seems to me made better than his! The welds are better and everything is lined up more evenly. I know that the SSAutoChrome manifolds with DP, intake and WG dump are now only 199 but the XO2's are still 380. I'll be installing my setup in about a month so I'll let you know!

FYI: Im doing what EVERYBODY said couldnt be done, my COMPLETE turbo kit with FMIC will cost me less than $1800 but Im installing it myself. Let me know if you guys want details! Ive only got a few parts left to get (IC piping, Walbro pump, Blitz Midpipe)

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PSiedSC300 said:
that manifold looks like garbage as far as flow and shit...kinda surprising it made the power it did...wonder if lag is bad on that setup
i think thats a dave h kit....

also here's my thread on ebay kits. I have one and like it, no number yet, need to finish the exhaust and tranny.
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