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EBC Brake pads

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I remember somebody on the mkiv list commenting favorably on the EBC pads, "Greenstuff", 'Redstuff", "Bluestuff", etc. Anybody been running these pads? I know in some lighter car race series in the UK they have been the pads to use in a formula something and another spec class. I know some people with turbo miatas with wildwood brake setups that do track events like them but whether that translates to a good set up for a heavier car I don't know. Anybody?
Barry H.
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I run the EBC green stuff on my car and they kick ass!! :)

No squeaks, good cold bite, and very very little dust( good price too). IMHO The best street brakes out there.

HAWK's are better for the track though, but tough on rotors.

My 2 cents

For everyday street use the EBC green's should be fine...they
claim low dust and long rotor life. These pads have a high
Kevlar content...very little ceramic material. If I had experience
with this brake pad, I could tell you a little more.

I did however have the EBC Red Stuff on my Supra for about 2 hour...and they sucked really bad. EBC sent me a set early last year wanting me to evaluate their brake pads. I had originally asked for the full race Yellow pads...but was told they were not
available in the UK yet. So I figured, what the hell..I'll try them. Free pads!

I was able to trash a set of Red Stuff AND a set of Powerstop (whatever)slotted rotors in one race day. It was kinda funny when the corner stations called in about our car on fire...the brakes were smoking bad. When we serviced the brakes that night, we noticed the pad material had separated from the
backing plate. :nono:

IMO...don't waste your money on EBC for track events.

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Seen both Reds and Greens on fire after five track laps. I think there are better pads, the stock one's for starters.
Are the Yellow pads even available in the UK yet?

Hey Jeff and Gavin,
Thanks for the replies. Damn Jeff that doesn't sound good. Torched pads and trashed rotors all in one day! Well those pads are off the "maybe" list. Actually I am ordering OEM rotors from you (Jeff) sometime this week. I actually have a local shop in Birmingham slot my rotors for me. They do a lot of high end, race, and exotic work and have a good machine shop. I have been pleased with the last set they did for me and it is inexpensive. While I am not going to use Hawk blues (they are too extreme for me) I will probably do the Panther Plus next. I also duct my front rotors and that does wonders for not boiling fluid and avoiding pad fade.
Barry H.
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