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i guess its based on your opinion if you want single din (7002) or double din (7301).

if you want to use a din space for a turbo timer or something similar, then the 7002 is a good choice. if you can relocate the electronic controllers elsewhere, then the 7301 is nice for a clean dash look.

i have the 7301 in my supra. here's a picture of it in my car...

here are my pros/cons about it...

its double din, gives a clean look to the dash.
already has a cd player and a cassete player if you still use them.
no external brain needed.
its no flipscreen to block the climate controls...7301 gives you easy access to the climate controls.

can't think of anything negative about this unit, except the volume control knob should be on the left side for easy access...but both the 7301 and 7002 are like that.

i absolutely love my 7301. i recommend anyone to buy it if they have the money and can still find one.

by the way, where are you purchasing the DSP controller from? i can't seem to find that unit anywhere.
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