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Okay Kids!

We all know which model this one is....

Here it is... Eclipse 7301 Double Din with Monitor. About 3 months old. with Remote. I want to go with something that's with MP3 and I want to sell this unit first. Asking $1200 obo Plus shipping. I'll post up pictures tonight...

cheers! ;)

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toysupra1 said:
which screen are you gonna go with now patnick?

What I would like is to get either the Pioneer system or if the new Clarion Joyride comes out that would be nice too.

Anyone want to trade for Kenwood 910 plus cash???

This eclipse unit is wonderful, but sometimes I wish i had the dvd in one unit. Right now I'm using my portable Pioneer 7" DVD hooked up to my Glove box for the passenger to view, but to change a disc I have to reach way over to do so... I would be great to get a one piece unit.... Only wish we had that Japanese unit available here...

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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