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What's up guys. I was wondering if the USDM ECU was compatible with the JDM Engine, can any of you guys help me with this? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.


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The short answer is no. The USDM supra uses 550cc injectors and a MAF. The JDM uses 440cc injectors and a MAP system akin to the 1JZ's.
Using a JDM longblock is possible with USDM bits and a USDM harness & ECU, but that would involve getting the USDM fuel injectors, wiring in a resistor pack to change from hi to low imp., getting a MAF or a VPC from a USDM, and the JDM cams are not as aggressive as the stock USDM cams so you will need big cams sooner. When buying a JDM 2JZ-GTE you might need to find a USDM oil pan and oil pickup as the 2JZ-GTE's that came in JDM Aristo's have a front sump system that is not compatible with MK3 or MK4 Supras crossmember. There's some more decent information here:
Steve Wilson's NA-T swap writeup on
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