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Last night while driving to Mobile, We notice smoke seaking out of my engine bay. We immediately pulled over and everyone ran over to my car. I popped the hood and smoke poured out of the upper right corner. It also seemed to be pouring out from under the car , in the center under the drivers' door.
We had been going 90-95 for about 35 minutes, but we had stopped and let the cars cool down for a minute, so that shouldn't have been a problem... I just got my oil changed a week ago and it seems they overdid it a little bit...We went to a gas station and checked the oil and everything. It looked just fine. So we went to a parking lot and sat for a few minutes, and it didnt' smoke for the rest of the night, nor did it today. Today a friend of mine who was trying to diagnose it got up on it a few times, but still no smoke...
I talked to a few people and they decided some coolant just sprayed out, causing the smoke? My headgasket was thought to have been at fault first, but they just said it might be nice to replace soon since my car has 109,xxx on it..
Any ideas? My instant messanger is rupertJEEP...You can msg me if you have any questions or whatever...So..Where can I get an HKS headgasket? hehe...thanks..
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