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OK Supra Gurus,
I'm wondering if somethings amiss ... other than my idle!
About a month ago, I did the EGR disable mod including the resistor to prevent the MIL. Everything seemed fine. Since I'm BPU, I thought it would also be a good idea to do the full block. Got a nice little plate from Mohd (thanks Mohd), and finally found a #7 Torx socket to pull out the studs. After installing the block plate my idle was for shit! The car lopes up and down between 400 and 800 rpm and sounds like a 60's muscle car with a hot cam! It seems to drive OK at speed, but barely idles. Removed the block plate and everything returned to normal. I'm confused. Is this normal, did I forget somthing, or is something else going on? I still have stock plugs - is this a clue?

If you did the plate, you most likely didn't put it in right or it came loose......

happened to me.......check the plate......

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