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EGR Removal Power

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I just got done with this and my tune up (plugs, cap and rotor, fuel filter, and all the other stuff). Removing the EGR will help tremendously. The car responds so much better. Also I gapped my plugs at 32 and they are running really clean, not rich at all. The car is so much more responsive it's not even funny. You should be a pretty good self trained mechanic or know of someone that is. This is not for the faint at heart. This was a pretty difficult project and it took me around 3 hours total time. I used Simple Green instead of B12 or intake cleaner. Came out real clean and shiny. Thanks and LMK if you have any questions. This is the perfect time to change your spark plugs to.
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how ?

hey give us some more details and possibly some pictures if you have them.
ya that and Im dyin to see your write up on the spark plug change. You talked about it earlier, but I wasnt sure if you didnt do it or you just didnt write it all up. Just lmk man

yes pictures would be cool... and how bout that write up, if you have time... a few questions... how much did each of those parts cost? what plugs did you use? and how do i get to the fuel filter? (i bet this would be easier if i bought the service manual... sorry for all the questions)... i'm hearing good things about the egr mod but don't you think this better response is a result of everything done at once and not just the egr mod... whatever the case, i'll still be doing this as soon as i can.
Hey the egr write-up i did isnt for the faint of heart like i dsaid it will take you 2-3hours. But i dont know why no-one else thought of doing this besides me theres just as many of us as them. Anyways im happy i could document what i figured out. I only did the my egr mod when i saw a big improvemttn in throttle repsonse. i, am still runnning stock spark plugs and i havent had time to change the filter out. pep boys didnt have it in stock. but i figure with the new fuel filter im good . and once you add a intake and exhuast you will see big improvemnt especially with the egr pipe removal. I just havce a APC cone airfilter, like 120lbs out off my car , and the egr block pipe removed, and i can get the car to smoke the tires whenevr i want it to. keep in mind i have 16's on the car which help
Still selling your car? You'll need to hang on to those parts so the new owner will be able to pass inspection.:eek:
Anyone know if removing the EGR affects your gas milage?
Slasher48 said:
Anyone know if removing the EGR affects your gas milage?
good question... does it?
I have all the stock parts for wheni sell the car . I didnt notice i decrease in gas milage at all maybe even alittle better mpg. i did a intake,coolant bypass, ann egr pipe rmeoval the car is alot more reponsive its like night and day compared to wheni bought it. if your doing intake work you might as well get a single 2.5inch exhuast and muffler. just a idea. I am happy to see the good response on my egr mod. Take car .
any downsides to removal-emissions?

Any downside to engine function/reliability from someone who has had egr removed for awhile? Will it pass emissions? any other concerns? Thanks!
After reading about how you gained power by removing your EGR, i decided to do it myself. However, instead of removing the whole thing, i just disconnected the line and plugged it with a screw. It seems a little more responsive, and pulls a little harder up top.
:smoker: Is that the most important part? Great if it is. RGC, does having OBDII greatly affect your choices of mods? I got a 96 5sp n/a too :arcade:
I haven't really found a problem w/ any parts. The only problem I've had was the intake. They sent me a flange for a pre- OBDII, but it just kind of zip-tied the filter on there. It works fine. The check engine light came on when idi my exhaust and EGR, but all you have to do is reset the battery.
is that how easy it is? well i'd like to try this one first... however i might still do that other procedure because supposedly i will be taking out something that is obstructing the flow of the air into the engine... exactly which line did you disconnect and plug with the screw? i'll prolly try tomorrow if i know exactly what to do... thanks in advance.
Well, I put the hose back on b/c my check engine light wouldn't go away, and that's probably not good. I didn't notice that big of a difference so i just plugged it back up. Later,
your not really seeing any gains just shutting it off . the restriction in the intake manfiold that causes bad turbulance and affects airflow . that where you will see a difference. the tubes cuts your intake flow by atleast 20percent. I did a couple mods i have learned over the years and my car is alot more fun to drive .

And as for emissions. I past but this doesnt mean you will.
Where do you guys find these write ups. I was wanting to do this myself but would like to have something to go by.


I posted and started most of these write -ups. the egr n/a how-to,the coolant bypass trick and a couple other things. not one n/a or even TT guys knew what i was talking about when i thought of doing this. the egr mod has been around for almost since the car came out i guess everyone thought if its not twin turbo if nots worht making faster. If your local i can always help or even do them for you .you do some mods/tricks to your car. I have more trciks for the n/a's but im keeping them secret until my car is done . im going all-motor then going to lower then compression and go single turbo. :) ~Brett aka Xdreamer
Where are they posted. Just wanted to get them so I could print them out and have with me.
look for the thread started by xdreamer in this forum...i think it's on the 2nd page now... the title is somthing like "n/a egr removal/blockage..." he tells the whole procedure.... i'm just waiting for the write-up and pics from ryan to do this.... thanks brett and rw3... lateZ

edit: rw3 = ryan ... cool
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