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EGT probe going bad?

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While on the dyno today I noticed my EGT was only about 470C doing 4th and 5 gear pulls. I thought my probe has fried again (only 6 month old)...but it works fine as I drove home. I guess there wasnt that much load on the car so the EGT wasnt the real world #?

Also, after mixing 50/50 race fuel, my EGT at idle as lowered considerably. 2 night ago when I drove back home I noticed my idled at 80C! I got scaed and drove my car around the garage and the EGT went back up, and then back down once the car while waiting to get my car on the dyno, EGT read
-40C! what the hell, eventhough its rainning and kinda windy today, will it lower my EGT that much?

any suggestions?

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