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EGT Guage problem!

Already posted this on the MKIII forum but i KNOW there arnt many there with EGT guages that could help me out! so i thought asking here might be the better choice since i know most here HAVE to have one to run the setups u guys do! :p

ok guys... i dont want to go buy a $350 HKS EGT guage if all i need is some minor things! here's my dilemma when i already have an almost complete one...

during my Summer Swap i lost the top set of wiring to the back of my OLDSKOOL HKS EGT guage! i have the probe and wires from the probe that hook up to the back of the guage. so i have the CRITICAL part whre it actualyl reads temp! but... i hooked it up and it seems the top plug needs to be ther to what i assume gives power fo the guage to work! :( and unfortunatly HKS does not make parts for the guage i have anymore! its too oldskool! :rolleyes: MOST important (very long story short) i cannot remove the HKS tap thats in my turbo! and to redrill to put another aftermarket one there would be a PITA since its under the turbo, so the turbo would need ot be pulled!!

so my question is... can i use a diffrent EGT guage all together?! below is a pic i drew of what i have and what im missing! unless one of u knows how to save my guage from certain death including my wallet, LMK if u think there is a way to get power to my guage so i dont need a new one! Power as in illumination AND power for the actual needle to move!

in the pic i show where there seems to be a blue and white wire coming off the turbo side EGT plug! if i get a Greddy EGT guage... can i hook those blue and white wires from the HKS tap side to the Greddy one by splicing? so the connection will seem like the Greddy probe is actually ther when in fact it is the HKS probe doing the reading?!

i need this issue solved by the end of the week! all ur help would be greatly appreciated! if any of u have a Greddy EGT guage... does it have 2 wires coming off the probe reading ur heat?

OR does anyone know if the newer HKS EGT guages have the same plug in in the back as my odl one?! :(

EDIT: btw my oldskool guage reads Farenhite! NOT celcius! woudl this even matter? :(

thaxn for any help u guys can give! :bigok:
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