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EL Gauges

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Looks like I've found my car :) It's currently not got a boost gauge in it but IS equipped with EL dash gauges. I'd like to purchase a boost gauge that's EL to match the dash, I'm also interested in some features like peak\hold and possibly warning lites. The ApexI gauges seem to meet this requirement but it looks like they only come in 60mm and in metric readouts. I'm more used to English readings and had wanted a 52mm gauge to fit one of th estock dash holes - probably the clock.

Does anyone make a gauge that meets these requirements? If not then I have to go with the 60mm. I've used 2.5inch gauges in a pillar mount on a different car and found them to be a little "in your face", if I have to go with a 60mm gauge how bad might it be and which pillar mount works best? I think I'd prefer a replacement pillar over some sort of add-on, who makes the full pillar replacements? Since the pillar mounts all mount 2 gauges what makes sense for a second gauge? I run boost and fuel pressure in my RX7 but the fuel pressure gauge doesn't get used much, fuel pressure is always steady. Should I go with fuel again or consider something like an EGT? I'd want EL again of course :)

Thanks, I'd appreciate hearing any advice\experiences that others might have.
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