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Hey guys,

I am on Spring Break this week and i am installing my electric fan kit. Well i pretty much have the fan mounted and everything the problem is in the wiring. Everything is ok and I got a kit to turn the fan on at 185 degrees OR when the AC kicks on. The problem is in the AC wiring. I need to know where the AC clutch cable is. I need this wire to run to this cable so that when i turn on my AC the fans automattcally turn on but i only have a general idea where it is. Everything else works well i just need to find out where to run that cable off the AC clutch. No test drive yet really bad weather at the moment and i would prefer to have the AC cable run first. If anyone has any idea where i need to run this wire i would appreciate it.


Some thoughts, which I had posted on, and am rewriting for our new tech tips. I put a Flex-a-lite 210 on, and took both the manual fan and the electric AC fan off. Keep Cool.:)

...I wired the switched 12 volt control wire from the yellow wire on the Solenoid Resistor to the “+” spade on the control box; but I used a supplied three-way press-on connector to avoid cutting, or stripping and soldering: much easier since there is not much slack in the wiring harness at that point. I ran the White and Black leads from the fan, as directed, to the M+ and M- spades. I used supplied red wire to extend the white, and black on black.

I cut the final connector off the AC lead of the now-removed AC fan, leaving the wires as long possible. I dead-headed the black lead, and ran the blue lead to the “C” spade connector of the control unit. This is easy to do, and not only allows the fan to run with the AC if the radiator coolant is not hot, but gives you a “manual” on-switch for the fans. One warning: it may take ten seconds for the AC controller to send the “on” signal to the fan, so don’t assume a bad connection if nothing happens right away.

I then split the supplied orange-colored fused loop and ran it from the + side of the battery to the “B” spade. The supplied 20 (twenty) Amp loop was made of aluminum wire, which was a bit disappointing, since the grossly over-supplied red wire was copper. (I wonder why they don’t just stick to red and black on the fans, and all around!)

I must confess that after doing all this, and positioning the thermostatic probe as directed, I could not get the fans to work: I had forgot to run the Ground wire from the control box “G” spade:( I did not install a manual over-ride, because I can use the AC switch to turn the fans on if needed. I did check all connections (about 12.45 volts) with a voltmeter, between the connection and the battery’s negative terminal. Of course, the yellow-solenoid-to-”+” was not hot at this point.
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