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On my Lexus I will probably keep the Crank fan. However I am doing a MKIII with a 1jz and the customer does not have his shroud anymore for his crank fan. I hate the thermostats that people use that run on the radiator fins. I was thinking about a honda fan switch. It is a stand alone switch that completes the circuit when it hits a pre set temp. Unfortunatly it is about 203* or something. I would rather it at about 180-185. The customer lives in the south and is worried about heat. He has a greddy front mount, AC, Koyo Rad, and a 1jz. The honda switch could be mounted in the bottom of the Koyo rad. I would just have to re drill and re tap the hole where the factory swtich would go for the 1jz with the hydro fan.

Just courious on what you guys have done.



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on my mkiv, I just have the thermostat disconnected.... I have the fans tapped into the factory E-Fan wire, so with the thermostat disconnected, they run all the time.

I dont know if that helps :dunno:
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