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Electric Fans

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What are you guys running? Brand? Ive heard several people complain about overheating but it sounds like an issue of low amperage. Enlighten me please
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I ran the Flex-a-lites on my car, my car overheated and warped the head. I suggest to stay away from them...The stock fan/shroud is a very well designed piece and there are many 1000hp+ cars running the stock fan
Can't beat the stock fan/shroud. It's been discussed many, many times.

Thanks guys.
i had some decent electric fans and i just spend 600 to get the stock fan, shroud, and everything that goes along with it... aap makes a decent one if your going to do it however i would not recommend it and will never do it again myself!
i just recently converted to the stock fan and shroud also. i honestly would never again go to electric fans.

stock ftw !!!!
Well, this sucks. I just bought a set for my car. Is anyone runnign them with success?
Well, this sucks. I just bought a set for my car. Is anyone runnign them with success?
yeah ... me too ... I'm going to run the big KOYO radiator, an extra trans-oil-cooler and the AAP set ...

I figured that I most likely won't have problems with an upgrade-radiator as the Koyo is WAY bigger than the stock one!
I ran the flexilites for a long time w/o issue. I removed them and installed two zirgo 14" fans. So far so good, but I've only put ~30 miles on it so far.

Keep in mind that most OEM's are moving to electric fans. It isn't just an aftermarket thing. The G35's run a good looking set for example. Certainly running a large radiator and not screwing up the factor ducting (in front of the radiator) are good things to do.

almost bought the Flex-a-lites .....i think i would gain some hp by take the stock fan off !
not enough to matter^ and if you want some i will sell you my old ones dirt cheap.. i hate them
I had the AAP fans and shroud along with the Fluidyne and a pusher fan infront of the condensor. It was fine with the auto since I couldn't do pull after pull due to heating up the trans (I had a 3800 stall). Once I switched over to the 6-speed and did a few pulls on the highway with warm weather, my car began to run very, very hot. I converted back to the stock shroud and fan and have since had no problems at all.

I had the AAP fans set up to come on with a thermostatic switch as well so they weren't running all of the time. The problem with AAP set up is the shroud simply doesn't allow for enough airflow and the hot air gets trapped inside. I even switched to a TS vented hood thinking that would fix it and it didn't help.

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