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Ok, so I'm fixing buddies mkii... change the alt for him, not charging, warning lights on and stuff. So I put the new alternator in, start the car, and according to the voltmeter built into the car is says its charging, but the warning light is still on. he drives it around awhile, and then its not charging anymore, so I do a couple of things, check connections and what not, go over it, and come to the conclusion that the NAPA special had a shitty volt regulator. Get a new alternator, and start the car, the exact same thing happens again. So I go over all the connections again, triple check everything, and the only thing I found is that one of the fusiable links, isn't burnt, but the base where it actually connects too is melted, so I think that might be part of the problem, but I honestly don't know. Everything else checked out. I didn't have enough equipment to check the actually assembly that the fusable link resides on, but I'm going to go over it more. Right now the car is charging, I took it down to a shop and they went over it with a volt meter, and its a bit on the low side for charging, but it is charging.

is there anything else it could possibly be?


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