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Electrical Problems w/ the Supra

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OK expersts,
My car is in the hands of someone who has modded countless Supras; so, he knows what he's doing. However, it couldn't hurt to ask for some help...
The car is an electrical nightmare. It used to be that all the warning lights stayed on all the time ABS, Trac Cont, Seat belt,...etc.
More recently, the car would not turn off when I pulled the key out.
The fuel, oil press, etc guages-- power windows...
NOTHING electrical works. The car will drain the battery after sitting a short while.
I know it's a shot in the dark asking such a broad question but:( it can't hurt.
Any good ideas I could pass on to my mechanic??
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was this car in water damage ?sound like it !
Nope, not water damaged.

I just called the guy working on my car and asked if there were signs of water damage.
He is saying it looks like someone butchered the car with do-it-yourself electronic work (install&removall).
I bought the car knowing it needed some work, but not this much:mad:
Put about 2k miles on it since June.
Have had to replace:
Twin Turbos
Rear axle
I went BPU about 2 months ago and still don't know what it feels like (BPU). It's driving me crazy!!!!!
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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