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Hey guys. I bought a 1997 TT 6 speed that is BPU. I installed a Casper Electronics O2 simulator to trick the #2 O2 sensor so it wouldn't light the 'check engine light'.
Here's the deal...when the weight shifts forward on the car (either upon quick braking OR if the car is accelerating quickly and I let off the gas), the red '!' and 'brake' lights on my dash light up for a few seconds. If I give the car gas (shift the weight to the rear), it goes off. Also if I wait a few seconds it will go off. I am not sure if it related to the weight shifting (maybe a loose/faulty sensor), or something else. I checked the trouble codes stored on the ECU, and there were none stored. Also, the car runs great with no problems other than that pesky light coming on. Any ideas? Thanks a lot guys!

Check your brake fluid level... that's what it was on my car and that is EXACTLY how I could duplicate the problem

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