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Hi guys!

My turbos are being changed right now and I REALLY want the car ready for this weekend since it is a local race in town and a big autoshow on Saturday to...

The thing is that I've ordered new gaskets for some of the oillines and waterlines etc etc just to be on the safe side.
Now the problem is that I ordered theese gaskets from Toyota nine days ago, they usually have a 10 day shipping time from Japan (damn Sweden!).
So if the gaskets doens't show up for tomorrow I'm screwed :sad: :sad:

The question is; Can I use some kind of universal gaskets and make it fit my Supra? I really have to get my car on the road again, it has been sitting in the garage to long now, looking all miserable : (

Please guys, all possibilites and all help is appreciated A LOT!!!

Thanx again in advance!

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If the gaskets are not damaged re-use them
the oil gaskets are metal and are reuseable the water ones should be ok. no promises though! :)

i know of many supra guys re-using these gaskets (but the waterones may be stuck to the turbo in that case im not sure if any universal gasket material would work, and you want to do it right so you dont have to screw with those turbos in the car again you know?)
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