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We all (the group) collectivly research the required and best parts we all agree on. We then make up a bill of materials. We then begin to purchase the parts. Say we decide we want to purchase the block or pistons. We research to find the best manufacturer, we put in a purchase order for 15. Buying fifteen engine blocks or 90 pistons ought to get us a fair price. We buy and have them shipped to a shop we all decide on. We do the same with each componet. I see on here all the time guys wasting money buying parts they don't know about or forgeting something. Or have a shop do an inadequate job.
Us having 15- 20 people involved will make it pretty hard for us to forget something. It will almost assure the finished product will be superior. The long and short of it is I need as many people as I can get that also would like a new engine in their Supra. We would allow two three months for signing up and then the door will be shut. We would total the list, we then would all share the cost and we will ALL get a KICK ASS ENGINE.

This will not happen fast nor will it be cheap. It will cost what it should, we will pick out shops across the country have then bid on our job.

Scott Crater
Cell # 302 249 5499
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