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hey all sorry I'm not in a position to use the search feature but my online time is limited to about 20 minutes a week so please bear with me. alright, i just replaced my HG for the 2nd time. dissabled the emissions controls, got everrything else adjusted right and have been driving the car for about 3 1/2 weeks. so since the first freeze of the season is tonight I needed to add anti-freeze to the car as I put water in until i made sure every thing was sealed and works properly. so i go out and drain the radiator, remove the lower coolant hose from the radiator and start the car for about ten seconds to clear the pump out. I put the hoses back on and added a gallon of anti-freeze and about a half gallon of water back to the system. this is all I've done to the car. anyway i start the car let it warm up. everything looks and sounds alright at idle but now when i give it gas the motor cuts out at 1800rpm drops 500rpm then starts back up to 1800 then back down again. i can blip the throttle and get it to rev higher but it still drops back down. like i said it idles great and it can hold the idle at 1750rpms W/no problems. also i know that i'm getting coolant circulation.
has anyone else experienced this. it feels like I'm hitting a rev limiter or fuel cuttoff. is there a low coolant safety switch in the in the motor or should i look else where. i get the all good heartbeat from the diagnostics.

i'm just completely dumbfounded at this, as i said before, the car was running great the day before,

thanks in advance for any info or links to what i need to be looking at

Keith wicker
[email protected]
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