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TXPrime said:
I just installed a WOTM 6-Puck clutch with a stock flywheel, it feels a lot stiffer and vibrates more than the original clutch, but this doesn't have anything to do with an engine dying out at 120mph can it? The idle is a little lower around 600-800rpm so it does need to be tuned up, but I made two passes and it died twice at exactly 120mph. Don't have a manual, is the governor at 120mph: and it wouldn't shut off an engine would it, cause that would be dangerous? On the second pass, I just stuck it into neutral to cost after I had hit 120mph and the engine died. The first time I was going for more than 120mph, than I noticed the engine had died (all clean shifts).

Greddy Boost Controller (running low boost)
HKS Air Intake
HKS Dragger Exhaust
Greddy Turbo Timer
HKS Blow-off valve
With a 6-spd, it's possible that you're shifting (if that's the shift point, I have an auto...) too slowly to prevent the HKS BOV from dumping metered air, the car goes pig rich, and bogs out as if you tore off through first gear and let off suddenly - I've had this happen/seen it happen to 6 speed cars as well. Try going wot through lower gears, pushing the clutch in, and letting off the gas for a full 1-2 seconds... With the idle seeming low, you probably don't have the inertial to keep the motor turning over once it starts bogging out... Recirculate the BOV, keep the revs up with some additional gas pedal play, or start shifting faster ;)

Best of luck,

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