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I just installed a WOTM 6-Puck clutch with a stock flywheel, it feels a lot stiffer and vibrates more than the original clutch, but this doesn't have anything to do with an engine dying out at 120mph can it? The idle is a little lower around 600-800rpm so it does need to be tuned up, but I made two passes and it died twice at exactly 120mph. Don't have a manual, is the governor at 120mph: and it wouldn't shut off an engine would it, cause that would be dangerous? On the second pass, I just stuck it into neutral to cost after I had hit 120mph and the engine died. The first time I was going for more than 120mph, than I noticed the engine had died (all clean shifts).

Greddy Boost Controller (running low boost)
HKS Air Intake
HKS Dragger Exhaust
Greddy Turbo Timer
HKS Blow-off valve
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