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hey guys i bought a TT a little over a few months ago, and i was wondering rather or not i have enough money to keep it or if i should just sell it and drive my civic around again.... The car is not in bad shape, actually its in great shape framewise and just a few little annoying problems.. im sure most people here can answer my questions with ease. here it goes :

1) My car smokes at startup and i have come to the conclusion that it is probably my valve steam seals and probably a gasket on the head... now how much do you guys think it will run ( a round figure) to have those replaced?

2) only sometimes i feel as if my first turbo does not work all the time, i dont think its blown because my boost gauge shows it boosting at 10 psi, but how much would it cost to have a shop probably rebuild both of the stock twins?

3) heres the whopper, now my tranny is fine right now, but if it should decide to break, how much do auto trannys usually cost to rebuild back to stock specs?

someone please help asap, THANKS
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