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Hey Guys Greetings from the UK

I am about to go down the single route and thought I would ask for some advice seeing as you guys have bags of experience with single setups :)

My Car is a Jap TT Auto (GZ)

I dont want to have to upgrade the transmission yet so I am going for a

BL61 kit
Greddy E-manage
Walbro GS341
AEM WB02 Sensor
HKS type-R IC
550cc injectors - Will possibly go to 650cc
HKS racing BOV
Greddy Boost controller
Tanabe racing medallion already in place
Greddy Gauges already in place (Boost and EGT)

I want the car to run this kit as relaible as possible so dont want to skimp on things, the only weak link for now wil be the transmission, I am aiming for around the 500bhp mark and wont run the turbo at full boost all the time.

Do you guys think I have missed anything from my list?

Any reccomendations would be great and my final question is what would you guys use with regards to engine management, I was thinking e-manage??



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Looks OK to me for what you're looking for. I'd get the larger injectors. Maybe you'd like more than 500hp in the future :) . Greddy e-01 BC maybe?? Cool gadget. Prefer my TS e-Boost2.
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