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Ok, the other day i drove my car, and it was on almost all day. its a cressida with a 1jz-gte motor, automatic. Now, when i was ready to drive home, i wanted to run this turbo civic but instead, normally when i mash the gas all teh way, i fly back in my seat and boost goes up full at 8.5psi(yea its set low) but when i did mash, i saw the boost up there but no force, it started running like shit, like somethings sticking or the diff spinnign free, more N/A feeling like. :(

So yesterday i decided to go get some new plugs, did'nt get it, so i took out the old ones and the tips and stuff was black, used this thingy to clean it and they got clean enough, so i put them back and the car started pulling how it was to with 8.5psi, lots of pushing back in the seat, yay.

But after a few minutes, it'll start back feeling N/A with boost going up and the car holding back.

**Also, when i checked, two of the connectors on the coilpacks was loose, one was'nt so loose but it clips on the coilpack connector properly, now the other one, the clip inside it was not there, so i just pushed it in like normal hoping it touches the pins in the coilpack connector.i also used silicone so it does'nt move and go off place, but i dont think its doing anything**

Now yesterday i decided to put new plugs, so i got NGK BKR7 for the time as i was low on money and the guy has a 2jz-gte supra and he said he uses them and it works great and should work on my 1jz without regapping. So after i put it, car starts normal, i take it out for a test and its running even BETTER THAN BEFORE at 8.5psi. Now, when i go for another drive around, i start to hear some slight missing every 7-8 seconds on idle, and if i rev slow,sometimes it'll miss up till 2800rpm and stop after that. Also the boost builds and it feels lazy at times, like N/A again.

Im going to solder on the connector to the pins on the coilpacks to see if thats the problem today and i hope it is so i can drive happy.

But does anyone know what is happening?

i just got back my car from the mechanic like 2weeks now and this is happening. Im hoping its not the tranny slipping bcuz i seeing hell to find a 5speed manual transmission down here in trinidad and i dont know about the 6speed from teh 2jz if it will work :(.
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