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Hello forum, first post.
Before I begin with my question, I know that I should post this in the new members sub-forum which is almost dead, but I have bigger chances in finding an answer in this forum since it's active, so mods please keep this post.

I am thinking of buying a Black 1994 TT Supra automatic transmission, as most supras, its got a good 177k miles on the clock but the good thing is that it's 100% stock with factory rims and it had 3 owners since 1994. Now the question is, if I bought this supra do I need to get an engine overhaul job? anyone aware of a good shop in portland area?

At first I was looking for a manual TT but they are extremely rare, so how much it will cost me to swap transmission from automatic to manual? I know it's not worth it, just curious.

And by the way, the guy is asking 16.5k OBO and it's got a Clean Oregon title. Google search didn't help me in finding an answer, so experts please chime in. And sorry for the newbie questions.


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Abdul, use the search feature, it will help you tremendously as everything you can think of has been covered dozens of times. 177k miles is not too many miles on a Toyota especially one that hasn't been ragged out and is still all stock. An engine rebuild is not in order, I'd have a shop just perform a compression test to see the condition of the engine and perform any and all maintenance items on the car. A 6spd swap is talked to death on Supraforums so expect to get flammed for asking this question but you can expect to pay anywhere from 6-8k for a 6spd conversion done right, as you said not worth the price. 16.5 is an okay of a price but I'm sure I'd lean more towards 14k which would be a much better deal, quite a few members here have gotten their TT Auto for that price so it happens quite often. Use the search feature here on Supraforums and you'll find everything you want to know about this car and tons more. Enjoy.

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