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Engine sometimes dies after high-speed runs......

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The other day I was doing some 80-120 mph runs and then letting off the gas and coasting with the clutch in and the the engine died a few times. :confused:

It would always start back up and run fine, but it was very disturbing having the engine die at 100 mph. I wonder letting off too quickly after high-boost leaves too rich a mixture for the computer to react to. If I blipped the gas or just kept the RPMs up after the runs it didn't have any problems and the car runs perfectly fine otherwise.

I have to dig in and take care of a leak to my boost gauge (I can hear the air through the A-pillar) but in cool weather with my boost controller settings as they are I can peak at 1.4 to 1.5 bar and then hold 1.2 to 1.3. My mods are listed below and the only other thing I have done is pull the trac fuse (recently and for the first time) which did make the check engine light come on, but like I said the car pulls very hard and runs fine.

Anybody else ever have this problem? :mad:
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Could it be an aftermarket BOV venting to atmosphere???
I have the stock blow-off valve. Maybe a well-setup aftermarket blow-off valve would help.
I had a similar problem a little while back. It turned out I had a bad O2 sensor...has your check engine light come on? If so, definately, check the codes to see if there is something up with your O2 sensor...Darshana S...
The check engine light should not come on when the TRAC fuse is pulled. You should only get a small yellow light that says "TRAC" or "TRAC off" I can't remember which one at the moment, but only 1 light. . I think like previously mentioned it could be the 02 sensor or some other problem.

Well for the first 2 weeks after pulling my trac fuse only the small light came on (TRAC). Then about a week ago the Check Engine and Trac Off lights came on also. I may have to check out the O2 sensor.

How much does it usually cost? Is there an advantage to getting the wide band 02 sensor?
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