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Yes, you will have to use the ignition circuit to get more than 6degrees of timing. I actually just made one for my 7m car, and have plans to install the emanage soon to do some quick tests.

If injector input and output are different, and none of the maps are adjusted it's the injector size that you entered.

For instance, if you put 440 original injector and you have 550 as new injectors it simply scales everything including start pluse width. In my case with mk4 550's i woudl normally put in 520CC injectors to keep things happy as at 550 it ran too lean. Stock injectors were 440... Depening on the injectors you have you may have to be much more agressive. My 1300 FID injectors have ZERO adjustment to the injector size and no fuel aded for idle becuase it's NON liner for idle beucase the injectors are so big. So I pull no fuel at idle and start up even though my injectors are more than twice the size of the originals. I start pulling fuel when I get up in boost and rpm where it's injecting way more fuel then I need...

Again depending on the type of injectors, you have to play with things on the emanage and really understand how it's working behind the scenes.

Adjusting the injector maps do not affect start up fueling, adjusting the original injector size and after size along with lag time really messes around with startup. This is where most people get it wrong who have had issues with larger injectors and cold start on Emanage ultimate.
Hi man, thanks the advice. This actually made a lot of sense when you explain it. I will change the before and after again to test. On another thread somewhere I have read to start engine and then hook up to computer for tuning instead of hooking up immediately but I wouldn't understand why..

Edit: I am currently checking my wiring harness. Connector C pin 8 Knock Signal/IAT (from the E manage) is connected to the knock signal (from my ECU). Shouldn't I connect it to the THA (IAT) from my ECU ? I know in a stock ecu when IAT sensor is bad a car can stall but when the E manage has no readings it reads stock ecu signals or does it think it has a bad sensor/no sensor so that is causing my stalling? Thanks in advance
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