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Engine Swap..7mge to 7mgte or 1jz

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I have a 1989 toyota supra and have the 7mge engine and i am planning to drop a 7mgte or 1 jz and i am trying to figure out what all i need for the swamp and how b/c i am planning to do it myself so that i know how my own car is working and if something happens i know what to do to fix it...... If soemone can help explain what it is i need to do and how much it might cost for new wiring harness and what kinda engien mounts i will need i will really appreciate it thanks
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i'm going to be doing something similar. i'm about to buy a 1991 shell and a knocking 90 7mgte motor and am going to rebuild it and put it in the shell. i'll try and find some more info but i'll be looking more about emissions hookups and other such things from 90 to 91.
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