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Engine Temperature

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What's consider the normal and the hot temperature on a Supra single turbo?Thanx in advance.
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Here's the deal I just put a AEM water temperature gauge along with 2 electric fans and when the car is hot is reading 250 degrees but the light on the gauge is still green.I never notice what was the temperature before I install the gauge because I had the stock gauge.I just want to make sure I'm not running it hot.
IMO 250F is too hot for engine coolant. So either the gauge or sensor is wrong or you have a cooling problem. Normal coolant temps should be well under 200F. After many minutes of hard heavy running "HOT" could maybe go a little over 200F; depending on the radiator cap release pressure and coolant mixture, it could even go up to ~220F or so. But 250F is too.
Is it boiling over? I'd think it would be showing serious signs of running hot if it's actually at 250.
It actually don't show any signs other than the temperature gauge going sky high
I,m thinking on putting the stock fan back on I don't think this fans are cutting it.Anybody have any other advice in what to do.I'm thinking about putting just a little antifreeze and more water and some waterwetter at least before the cold comes to see if it makes a difference.I can't tell why is geeting so F$#@$%G hot.
I doubt it's getting that hot. To get to 250F without boiling out, the radiator cap would have to hold at least 15psi (saturated temp of steam at 15psi is 250F). Do you have a high pressure radiator cap? ...if not, I suspect the sensor or gauge or something in that chain.
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