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mustangman05 said:
ok guys someone just told me that i cannot do my turbo swap because my engine year is wrong. Here is what i am doing I just got a turbo engine out of a 89 (late 88) supra. i am planning on putting it into my 87 supra he says all my connectors are different on the 89 engine vs. the 87 harness this is not true is it. i am still in need of a 87 harness and ECU not a 89 right?????? i feel so dumb asking this :1poke:
engine year has NOTHING to do with whether or not it'll go in your chassis, so long as you have the correct motor mounts. i have an '89+ motor in my 86.5.

you DO NOT need an '89+ harness. i don't know what some of these guys are smoking...

your car is an '87, so get an '87-'88 TURBO engine harness, and an 87-88 TURBO ECU. you'll have to change 3-4 connectors on the engine harness, but it's SUPER easy. all of them are only 1-wire connectors. it's as easy as cut, splice, solder, heatshrink/brush on electric tape, and go. done.

the easiest way to tell if you have an 87-88 harness is that the connectors are YELLOW.

with the 87-88 harness, it'll plug right into your chassis side connectors. you should try to find an HAC sensor too, as the pre'89s have an external HAC sensor. (high altitude compensation sensor)


get an 87-88 turbo harness and ECU (an automatic ECU will work for a manual, but a manual ECU will NOT work for an automatic)

stay away from any 89+ wiring.

edit: you guys aren't THINKING! who gives a crap if the motor mounts don't fit? just swap the ones from the 87's motor onto the 89+ motor, it'll bolt right in. THINK before you post! :faint:

dude, just put the motor in your car. it'll bolt right in if you use your old mounts, and the wiring is super easy if you do what i suggested above. you should ALWAYS get the engine harness that matches the year of your chassis, NOT the year of the motor.

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