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*** Some pictures don't load the first time due to the high number of them, just reload the page 1 or 2 times. ***

Hi! I'm from Quebec in Canada. I bought this Mercedes 190e 1993 3 years ago, fully stock, 360,000km. She as the black interior with black leather seats in MINT condition, rare deal!!

Year 1, doesn't look really nice! Time to buy some goodies:

- Crystal clear headlights that I customised with a blackhousing
- Clear corners
- S600 Avantgarde Grill
- AMG smoked taillights
- AMG C-series 2008 wheels 18" x 8.0" et 9.0"
- Nankang NS-II 215-35R18 tires
- Complete Bilstein (shocks + springs) suspension
- Big brakes W124 400E AMG (calipers 4 pistons + 12" rotors)
- Stoptech stainless braided brake hoses
- Front swaybar 29mm from a W124 500E E60 AMG
- Air filter removed + mufflers removed hehe

A lot better! Enough to have a good summer.

Year 2, I want more and more.. time to start a real project:

- Remove the old 4cyl engine,
- Customise the front subframe to put the engine lower and more in back,
- Remove all brake lines, ABS shits, racks, etc
- Remove all gas lines, external pump, filters....
- Put the battery in trunk with a good 2/0GA cable,
- Fab an aluminium panel that cover all the trunk to put new fuel pump, water-meth tank and Braille carbon battery on,
- Remove ALL wiring on car, front to back, and redo it ll over with a Honda Civic fusebox (yes, I'm a crazy electrician)
- Customise the cluster with Civic 92-95 Si speedo and tach gauges
- Press new braided brake lines with the new Brakequip fittings and purple inserts
- Put a W201 16V manual clutch assembly with brand new master cylindrer and Civic oil reservoir under dash.

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Gauge Moates O-meter integrated to dash

Custom brake lines

16V pedal assembly

Cluster retrofit

It works!!!!!!

Year 3, after a year of buying parts, time to fabricate/install parts. I'll put pictures and videos of the build in the next weeks.

Heres the part list:

- 2JZGTE front sump engine
- R154 transmission
- Custom engine/tranny mounts
- Custom driveshaft and axles
- Gates Racing T215RB timing belt
- Polished Driftmotion intake manifold
- Billet 90mm (3.5") throttle body
- RPS turbo manifold (best sound ever!)
- HKS T51R KAI 56trim 1.00A/R turbo, freshly rebuilt
- Purple HKS Flowstack
- TiAL V60 wastegate
- Custom 4" stainless exhaust
- 2.5" wastegate exit that goes out of the passenger side fender
- Pegasus clamps 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5"
- BOV Turbonetics Godzilla
- Two 10" slim fans
- Intercooler 16x19x3, I'll upgrade this
- 3.0" aluminium mandrel bend piping kit
- Some 3.0" t-clamps with 3ply silicone couplers

- Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 V-LSD 4.11 rear differential
- Modified rear subframe
- W201 16V clutch/brake pedal assembly
- W201 OEM clutch master cylinder
- Honda Civic 92-95 Clutch oil reservoir
- Custom stainless braided clutch line

- Aeromotive compact EFI 13105 fuel pressure regulator, the red body will be purple anodised
- Aeromotive 0-100psi 15633 fuel pressure gauge
- External purple OBX fuel pump (700hp rated)
- 10 microns inline fuel filter
- 40' of stainless braided fuel hose
- A bunch of anodised purple/black fuel fittings
- Purple OBX Top feed fuel rail
- Siemens 1000cc top feed injectors

- AEM EMS standalone ECU
- Innovate LC-1 wideband
- Moates O-meter wideband gauge
- Autometer Sportcomp boost/vac gauge
- Autometer shift light
- Civic EG Si cluster retrofit
- Dakota digital speedometer signal calibration SGI-5
- Dakota digital tach signal interface SGI-8
- Braille auto 6.6lbs carbon battery with + Aluminum vertical mount kit
- 15' of 2/0GA cable
- Gold plated battery terminals
- Custom aluminium sheet for the trunk, with black carpet on it
- Black/purple braided cable sleeve + purple heatshrink for custom engine harness I'll fab
- Mil-spec 50pins connector to separate the engine harness to firewall

- Modified Shurflo 8030-811-239 pump
- DevilsOwn 2.5Gal sumped tank
- Float switch for the water-meth level intank
- DO7 441cc nozzle
- Water-meth custom stainles braided line with Brakequip fittings

- A big lot of brake fittings
- Custom brake lines with Brakequip fittings and purple interts ALL around the car
- Exedy clutch master cylinder for hydraulic handbrake
- Adjustable willwood proportioning valve

Then, year 4 (next year):
- Coilovers STD R7D for BMW E36,
- AMG bodykit + new paint
- BBS RS custom wheels 16x8.5 et 16x10 with a crazy offset
- OS Giken triple-plate clutch kit + push/pull conversion kit
- Marlin Crawler DIE-HARD ULTIMATE R-154 reinforcement kit (thrust washer, main bearing carrier, 1-2 shift fork)

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why dont you just shorten the driveshafts and custom an adapter from the GTR diff 6 screws, to the benz D-shafts which is ? of screws....i forgot how many screws are there...

planning to do the same with my W124 and im trying to cut the cost on doing a custom D shafts..

besides, if ur using the outer benz driveshafts joints with the GTR inner joints, if the benz joints would not hold up to the power, it would still break...

and you would have to buy the outer benz dshafts.

I am talking through experience since I have a R32 Tomei 2way LSD in my W123 using custom driveshafts. Outer Benz, Inner Nissan joints...

when they break, ill still have to buy W123 complete dshafts since they would not sell half of the kit.

If your just interested in using an viscous LSD, why did you choose an GTR32 but not the other models since they are so much more available and cheaper...

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currently its 1am in Malaysia...

pm me your email address and I would send it directly to you 2morrow

If the axles broke, I'll go to a reputed driveshaft shop and make 100% custom ones good for my whp goal.
ok...thats a good choice but dont forget to strengthen the subframe too since theres a couple of Silvia guys breaking it while drifting with a stock 1jz manual.

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Worked on the block today.. removed hoses, plenum, brackets, turbos, wiring, coils, fuel pulsation damper and more....... started to clean it but need more work.

Pictures taken with my cellphone and light in my hand, not good quality sorry.




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Intake manifold Driftmotion, I'll shaver and remove imperfections inside, shave the "sticker rectangle" and all unused brackets, make weld the TB flange then polish it. :)

Will need porting for sure!

Throttle body 90mm (3.5") HUUUUUGE!!!!

Wastegate TiAL V60 :D
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