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Hey, I've recently bought EU/UK Spec clock that has the OUT-TEMP button.
I've done some research, got the correct connector and I have a good clue how it works.
4 power wires, earth and temp input from A/C amplifier; I got the 4 old wires from the old regular clock connector and just added 1 power wire from GAUGE, and the temp input for the new 6-pin(90980-10797) connector.

A/C Amplifier partnumber is same on EU & JDM model.
The EU A18 connector has to be G19 on JDM wiring diagram, because there is also grey PIN 17 going to MR/F just like required on the wiring diagram.

So I'm getting the temp data from G19 PIN 17, but soon as I press the OUT-TEMP button on the clock, it switches to TEMP condition but nothing shows up, not even celsius or 0. Soon as I press it again, it shows clock normally.

I noticed that there is 2 extra wires going on EU wiring going to the A/C amp, but unsure what they are.
Any ideas, or anyone got this working on theirs? I haven't heard of anyone retrofitting this to different spec car.

EU spec connector:

The clock wiring:

JDM Wiring showing the PIN 17 grey, going from A/C amp G19 to MR/F:
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