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Euro glass peice on 97-98 headlight

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sorry if this has been asked before... just curious if you can put the euro glass piece on the 97-98 head lamps instead of the plastic that yellows after a while?
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yes you can but you will not have the city light that comes on the 93-96 headlights and euro lights

I think its a better idea to just get euro glass headlights and paint the inside black. Sell the 97's and have money left over. Just my .02cents.
The Euro Glass WILL NOT FIT the 97-98 style headlights... I know I've tried.... I had to put the High beam and plastic insert into the Euro... and that WAS NOT a direct fit either! but, the end result Great!
any pics?
see sig....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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