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EVC ---> Fuel Cut?!

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This is what I did: (and previously my car had be working perfectly)

1. Wired in an HKS S-AFR

2. Move the power source for the EVC from the cig lighter's power source to a wire off a HKS Turbo Timer's wiring harness

After the installs everything seemed to work correctly; nothing out of the ordinary.

Now this is what my car does:

1. Fuel kicks in at ANYTHING over .5 bar (stock) boost level.

2. with the boost controller off, the car hits and maintains .5 bar with no issues.

At first I had not clue what is going on (still don't by the way). After some thinking I thought that maybe my SAFR is f-ing things up. I overlooked intially, since I didn't tinker with it anymore than setting it up using the supplied manual. I was expecting the SAFR to do nothing more than to monitor rpm signal and indicate what the stock fuel set up is. When finally check it I was surprised to find that rpm settings above 3k were pretty much all ----> -25% (leaned out). I was like WTF? :eek: That cannot be stock since I've been told and read that the MKIII generally runs rich. Anyhow...

Thinking that I've found the problem I adjust the settings and set EVERYTHING to 0%. Same thing happens. Fuel cuts out at anything over .5. So I try again....setting EVERYTHING to +20%. Now I was thinking no way should the fuel cut out anymore. BUT... still the car will boost nothing more than stock. I am CLUELESS. :rolleyes:

Some advice please? :D
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Well just for the hell of it I re-setup the SAFR to see if that would make a difference. I remember that the first time I set it up I forget to adjust the idle button for more than 5 minutes (thinking that it was idling crappy because the ECU was relearning itself. Anyhow, I confident that the SAFR is correctly set up. But it still cuts fuel at anything over stock. :mad:

what are your mods?

i don't think the SAFR would be making your car having fuel cut..
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