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EVC Settings

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I have an EVC IV and no FCD installed just yet.

After searching previos posts I have read the instructions on how to operate the head unit and understand it.

Unfortunately the figures the I have been using have an unusual side effect.

From standing start going from gears 1 - 6 with high revs is killer. Absolute beuty !

Unfortunately when rolling, in say 3rd with 2/2.5k revs, I put the throttle to the floor and the boost overwelms the machine and provides no noticable power and overboost rings from the head unit over 1 bar.

Does anyone here have examples of the numbers from their unit for :

Stock; Stock+; Low; High and Max.
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I'm not sure what the best settings for a car w/ out a FCD or BCC are. Do you have a DP and exhaust? If you do, you may just be spiking over 1 bar.

Figure out what your stock boost ius by setting it at .65 and then seeing what it actually boosts. That is how you will get your stock boost. Then try adding .15 for stock boost+ and see if you get the desired boost, if not try .1

Then leave your low setting at the stock boost level and set the high at .95 or whatever you'd like. If you keep hitting the overboost at 1bar then set it at 1.05 and see if that helps.

Oh yeah... Go and spend the $100 on the BCC so you can have some real fun.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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