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EDIT: Dyno's have been posted!! See here, here and here

EDIT #2: Dyno vid now posted here.

Just thought I would share my build which is moving along rather swiftly at SP Engineering, here in sunny California.

Special thanks goes to…

SP Engineering (SPE). Before I get into my story/build, I would like to acknowledge and thank the guys at SP Engineering. First, they are always available to take my calls and answer my questions. Eugene (head of sales and service) always keeps me up to date via email/phone and sends me pics of the progress constantly, which you’ll see below. He also fields my numerous questions, and makes sure all my requests regarding the build get taken care of. When I’m at the shop, I also work with Alex (the big boss man), who is always friendly and eager to answer my questions as well. The techs are great too; always willing to explain why they did what they did; and field my numerous tech questions. Their craftsmanship skills are unreal, and they never cut corners to save time. Mechanical, electrical, welding, custom fabrication… you name it…..these guys are masters at what they do and take pride in their work. The guys at SPE also provided a lot of the parts you see; and at excellent prices as well.

You know how some shops/companies are nice and helpful up front, but once they have your money, their attitude/customer service changes for the worse?? Well, SPE’s attitude/customer service has been top notch from the very first time I met them to discuss my build, all the way up through today. I couldn’t be happier with how this build is going.

Truth be told, I’ve been putting off this build for years because of two reasons: 1) I’m pretty picky when it comes to my cars and I have a hard time trusting shops based on past personal experiences, and all the horror stories I’ve read online. 2) My build would not be complete without the coveted Veilside intake manifold. After quit of bit of research, it was a pretty clear choice…..that if I was going to pull the trigger and do a build of this magnitude only 1 shop would do, and that’s SP Engineering. SPE has made this build rather headache-free and quit enjoyable. As for the manifold, I was lucky enough to track one down about 1 year ago IIRC.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe one Supra enthusiast here on this forum shipped his Supra from Hawaii to California to have it built by SP Engineering. Only know do I understand why one who go through the hassle/expense of shipping a car across the Pacific Ocean.

Background info:
About 7 years ago I was in the market for a sports car as my current car (a 92 Chevy Camaro RS automatic) wasn’t fulfilling my need for speed. I contemplated putting a custom turbo kit on it, and even checked out one shop for a quote, but ultimately decided against it. I decided it was time for a new car and so the research began. At that time, I was deciding between a 6spd TT Supra, the RX-7, the mighty 300zx TT, and Mitsubishi’s 3000GT. After my research, it was pretty clear to me that only a TT 6spd Supra would meet my current need for speed and my ultimate power goal to be met a very long time in the future (now).
I joined this forum back in 2002 and started looking for a Supra to buy; and looked at Autotrader as well. I found my current Supra within one month’s time I believe. I know most wait many, many months, sometimes years to find the perfect Supra which meets one’s needs/budget, but I guess I was extremely lucky. I spoke to the owner of the Supra on a Friday and drilled him with questions because he lived in San Francisco and I lived in San Diego at the time. That very same night, I decided I was going to check it out and purchase it if everything checked out. At midnight my good friend Josh and I started our adventure (with no sleep) and drove 9 straight hours to San Francisco to see/purchase the car. Luckily, the car was in pristine condition and matched the description by the owner and looked just as good in person as it did in pictures. The next 4 hours were spent dealing with paperwork and such since he had a lein on the Supra. I then drove the Supra back 9 hours home. It turned about to be an exact 24 hour adventure as we arrived home at midnight!! At first, I thought I kind of rushed my purchase because I bought the first Supra I checked out, but in hindsight I’m glad I bought it. It was a low mileage (29k) TT 6spd that was practically bone stock (only had an ebay strut tower bar and some no name catback on it). Over the years, I’ve come to see that low mileage bone stock Supras are pretty hard to come by (even harder now I’m sure).

Here’s my BPU mod list before it went under the knife:


Rod Millen downpipe
Unknown aftermarket exhaust (already on Supra when I bought it)
HKS SSQV BOV (OEM location)
Max Air Box with K&N filter
Greddy oil filter relocation kit
Various TTC dress up items

Fluidyne Radiator
Greddy 3 row intercooler
PHR polished upper radiator pipe


TRD 10k Tach
Greddy Boost controller
Greddy turbo timer
Greddy 60mm Boost gauge
Greddy 60mm A/F gauge (narrowband FTL)
Greddy Boost Cut Controller
Fields Harness

HKS Type II Hipermax Coilovers
19” Racing Hart C5’s
Pirelli PZero’s
Sparco Harness Bar
Cusco Carbon Fiber front strut tower bar
Cusco Carbon Fiber rear strut tower bar
OEM brakes

97-98 Headlights
97-98 Tailights
97-98 front turn signals

The best the Supra ever dynoed was 383hp/323TQ at 18psi when DynoXtreme in Stanton California had a dyno day for locals.

Now, on to the build (I know some of you skipped to this part….LOL).
Below is the punch list of the parts utilized/going to be utilized: I believe these parts to be “tried and true” and nothing but the best IMO.

HKS GT-2835 Twin Turbo Kit which consists of:
GT2835 Dual Ball Bearing Turbo x 2(0.73 A/R)
50mm S/S Racing Wastegate x 2 (with upgraded 1.3 Bar wastegate springs)
2 piece Equal Length S/S Exhaust Manifold (Jet Hot Ceramic Coated-2000 series)
HKS 3.4 Stroker kit which consists of:
HKS Forged and Balanced +8mm Long-Throw Crankshaft, HKS “H” Beam Forged Connecting Rods, HKS Nickel Plated and Forged 87 mm Pistons, HKS Piston Rings and Wrist Pins
HKS 264 Intake and Exhaust Cams
HKS Adjustable Cam Gears
HKS Timing Belt
HKS Metal Head Gasket 1.2 mm
HKS SSQV BOV (adjustable version)
Head ported and polished
Ferrea Intake and Exhaust alloy valves
Ferrea Valve Seat Locators
Ferrea Valve Seals
Ferrea Valve Locks
Ferrea Valve Guides
Ferrea Titanium Retainers
Ferrea Dual Valve Springs
Powerhouse Racing Billet Timing Belt Tensioner Bracket
Powerhouse Racing Engine Breather kit
ATI Super Damper Crank Pulley
Unorthodox Racing lightweight Alternator pulley (stock size)
Unorthodox Racing lightweight Water Pump pulley (stock size)
Unorthodox Racing lightweight Power Steering pulley (stock size)
Twins Turbo Thermostat Rotating Plate
TRD engine mounts
ARP Head Studs

New OEM parts utilized in build:

Complete Rebuild Gasket kit
Water Pump
Oil Pump
Oil Pickup/Strain


OS Giken: R3C Triple Plate Clutch
TRD ss clutch line
TRD tranny mount


Veilside Intake Manifold with 100mm Throttle Body
HKS 102mm Titanium Racing Exhaust
Blitz midpipe
SP Engineering custom aluminum charge piping

HKS Fuel Pressure Regulator with custom NOS fuel pressure gauge
Veilside Billet Fuel Rail
Blitz 1000cc Top Feed Injectors x 6
TTC Triple Fuel Pump Hangar
Dual OEM fuel pumps
SP Engineering custom-made fuel system

Fluidyne Radiator
Greddy 4 row intercooler (replaced 3 row)
PHR polished upper radiator pipe
Greddy 16 row oil cooler with oil filter relocation kit
HKS Power Steering cooler
Titek CF radiator cooling plate
TRD thermostat

HKS V-pro Engine Management System (version 3.24)
HKS A/F knock amp with dual band readout (2 wideband O2 sensors, one for each turbo)
HKS Mixture Controller (control mounted in armrest)
HKS DLI-2 Twin Power Ignition Amplifier
HKS EVC VI boost controller
HKS Turbo Timer-Type 1
DEFI Advance CR control unit
DEFI Advance CR 60mm Boost gauge
DEFI Advance CR 60mm Oil pressure gauge
DEFI Advance CR 60mm Oil Temp gauge
DEFI Advance CR 60mm Water Temp gauge
SP Engineering Dual Intake Temperature Gauge
Titek Carbon Fiber triple gauge pod
Racelogic Traction Control (control mounted in armrest)
C’s Short Throw Shifter
TRD steering wheel
TRD 10k Tach

Brakes: (to be installed with new rims)
Brembo 6 piston MonoBlock 14.0” Big Brake Kit (front)
Brembo 4 piston 13.58” Big Brake Kit (rear)

To be determined


HKS Type II Hipermax Coilovers
Sparco Harness Bar
Titan Motorsports front and rear anti-sway bars
JIC tie rods
Cusco Carbon Fiber rear strut tower bar
Do-Luck aluminum floor assist bars
Do-Luck Rear Cross Bar
Racelogic Traction Control


Eclipse AVN-726E double din w/ navigation
(2) Braille B14115C batteries
(2) Braille B14115C battery mounts
4 gauge wiring

Engine Dress up:
Polishing done by Tony Brock (TT_6SPD_95)
Titek Spark plug cover
Titek fuse box cover
Titek radiator cooling plate

Polished parts:

Valve covers with custom -12AN fittings for breather tank
Veilside Throttle body and all associated hardware
Veilside fuel rail
(2) HKS 2835 turbo housings
(2) HKS turbo heat shields
(2) HKS turbo inlet piping
Cam gear backing plate
Water pump
Oil pump
Valve covers
Power Steering Reservoir
UR alternator, water pump, power steering pulleys
Plus more!

97-98 Headlights
97-98 Tailights
97-98 front turn signals
Full 5 piece Do-Luck body kit (bodywork begins Summer '10)
Do-Luck hood, mirrors and rear diffuser

Thanks for looking. :)


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I love the HKS twins/Stroker combo. Hell, the whole approach without a single corner having been cut is just fantastic.

Do it once, do it right, and enjoy life. Two huge thumbs up!

(Alex and crew have always taken the best of care with me & my Supra, they are what all shops should be, but almost none are. We're lucky to have them in our back yard.)


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Oh man, this is an insane build! Like Chip said, I love the "not-cutting-a-single-corner" approach. The 3.4/twins setup is my favorite for the MKIV, and I hope I'm able to do the same one day.

I can't wait to see the final product!

Addicted to boost
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I love the HKS twins/Stroker combo. Hell, the whole approach without a single corner having been cut is just fantastic.

Do it once, do it right, and enjoy life. Two huge thumbs up!

(Alex and crew have always taken the best of care with me & my Supra, they are what all shops should be, but almost none are. We're lucky to have them in our back yard.)

Thanks Chip. From past experience, I modded cars and wound up doing things three times over; so I wholeheartedly agree with the ol' "Do it it right" philosophy. Live and learn I guess. On a side note, a few weeks ago I saw your beautiful Supra up on a lift at SPE. From what I could see, it looked really good! Look forward to seeing it more in person and meeting you first hand.

I agree, we are very fortunate to have them here in SoCal.

such a beautiful car to start off with, cant wait to see the final product. SPE cars always turn out great, always admired Alex and crews attention to detail!
Thanks Keith. Just trying to build a beast in the same league as your Supra(s). :)

Oh man, this is an insane build! Like Chip said, I love the "not-cutting-a-single-corner" approach. The 3.4/twins setup is my favorite for the MKIV, and I hope I'm able to do the same one day.

I can't wait to see the final product!
Thanks for your feedback Chris. It's nice to hear that you and others feel that the "not-cutting-a-single-corner" approach has been taken on this build. After so many years of researching/planning on my own, and with the help/knowledge/advice on this build from SPE, I should hope I got it right! LOL

On a side note..I admit the polishing has gone a little overboard, but I'll let you guys decide once I post pics. :)

BTW, congrats on getting CGM, very much deserved!!

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Sick build so far!


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Dear lord! That's one expensive list of goodies. Enjoy it my friend! I love the color choice ;)

Might I suggest a wheel (because I know someone will suggest it) other than CCW Classics. A car of this caliber with an owner clearly deciding not to follow the crowd deserves something, dare I say a bit more classy (pun intended)

In for updates and results!

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