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Looking for JDM wiring diagrams for a MKIV Supra? You're in luck: The JDM Wiring Diagram book was translated by forum member beast_drc way back in 2014 but it's not easy to find since the original hosting location is offline. Rather than revive an ancient thread here's a new post with a link that should be viable for a long time as I don't plan on getting rid of my Google drive anytime soon.

It can be downloaded from my google drive here:

As I'm working on my RHD car I found I needed the JDM wiring diagrams, and finding a translated version was a huge help, so hope this helps out others as well. Admins if there is a better way to go about this please lemme know.

Consider this a backup to the old thread - I emailed Alexey and he's going to fix the original links but I'd already posted this. Can find his post by searching for "Exclusive! JDM Wiring Diagrams". Now there's a little bit of hosting redundancy, or admins can just nuke this post if that's what we're supposed to do in these situations.


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Better to have two options than zero! Thank you for sharing this! 馃嵑

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Fantastic resource!
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