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Hi everybody,

I just got myself a 94 TT black. Plan on some very basic upgrades with a goal of up to 450HP (flywhl): DP, exhaust & boost controller + minor stuff.
Regarding the exhaust, I'm shooting 4 the following:
1. Accomodate up to 450HP
2. As QUIET as possible
3. Hangs high (at least good ground clearance)
4. Reasonable price (up to $600 street)
5. Prefer cat-back (to accomodate Hi-flow cat)

All feedback would be appreciated



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Im pretty sure the Tanabe G-Power medallion is REALLY quiet, or so I hear... I have heard dual Greddy Power extremes on a TT Z as well... and that was very quiet, sounded like stock to me.. it wasnt loud at all... Im not really sure which the best ones would be, but power wise any will do... sound and looks are the only things that differenciate most of the Supra exhuasts.. they all handle power and add about the same.
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