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exhaust: sound and power...

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can somebody say which exhaust:
1. is the loudest (scala from 1-10, 10 ist loudest),
2. give the most of rwhp?
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afaik there is little difference between 3" perforamce exhausts and HP. Most of the hp increase comes from replacing the cats and the DP anyway.
ok. other way ;)
which exhaust ( + dp) give the most performance?
(mine is hks super dragger)
and which one is loudest?
(i read something about hks s.d. and jdm hiper on
Look into ATR. It's described on It weighs around 25lb and I believe that it's made of SS.
At the time when I talked to ATR they were selling it for $541.
Check it out.

Jay :cool:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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