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I want to order my cat back next week, but I can't decide which one to get. I have been searching and searching for some sound clips. In an older Thread someone mentioned that there is a clip collection on some server, but didn't get any answer so where it is. I am most likely to get the Blitz Nur Spec as it comes with a silencer as well. I am going BPU, but might want to upgrade to single someday, so I would like a systems that provides me with the possibiliy. It should be stainless steel and not rumble. any recommendations? If possible quit idle but loud at wot. Where can I find some sound clips?



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Read the post on the exhaust shootout, you'll notice the exhausts sound different from car to car because of the differing setups from car to car. You might hear a exhaust and the guy has 4' all the way back while you have 3'... gonna sound way different than your car.

Any of the shootout exhausts are perfect for singles.
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