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I was just wondering If anyone knows of a really good custom exhaust shop in the lower mainland in B.C. ? The other question i have which i have searched and nothing really answers my question exactly. I am having a hard time choosing between going with stainless steel catback or alumminized steel cat back exhaust. Which would be more benificial to go with. Considering Aluminized steel is cheaper but does not last very long before rusting. Or is there a method out there to make Aluminized steel last as long as Stainless steel Piping? I will be going with a Borla Stainless steel muffler which has a 3inch inlet and dual 2.5 inch outlets which are pretty much staight through. the exhaust will be 3 inch as well. Any ideas of shops in this area and opinions on the best material to go with will be greatly appreciated

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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