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Hi all,

I'm looking to add a BOV to my 1987 Buick Grand National (no BOV from factory) and thought I'd poll my second favorite group of car gurus to see what you folks are using and like.

As background information, the GN is an auto and I'm running 26 psi of boost with a TA-60 turbo.

Venting to atmosphere is fine for my purposes-- given that its an auto I'm looking to add the BOV to help prevent wear and tear on my beloved turbo bearings. And I'm not concerned about the quality of the noise or how the unit looks.

From my preliminary research it looks like the HKS SSQV and the TiAL unit (highly recommended from the DSM folks) both meet the criteria of not leaking at relatively high boost.

Any more information about your experiences and unit strengths and weaknesses would be greatly appreciated.


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I got a HKS SS BOV, sounds amazing in the sequential turbo set up! Although during a pressure test I noticed that air was leaking from somewhere near the BOV. Not 100% sure yet if the BOV is the culprit but it may be.

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well i have done lots of reserch on the tial bov and from every thing i have read and have been told there great units thats why i went with it !

sad thing is i cant tell you how it preforms since my car is not done yet!

i had the hks ssbov and loved it also on my bpu + supra

if you rinterested in sound then dont getthe tial they dont sound special!
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