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I am putting my sc300 up for sale. This is a factory five speed lexus so no conversions there. I put the car together along with my father. It is a very fast and nice car. It's an aristo engine converted to rear sump. I am running the w58 trans and a spec stage 3 super clamp clutch (a very nice...soft of the foot...yet aggresive grabbing clutch). In addition i will also include a spare w58 transmission incase.
As far as mods...
the car has full 3 inch exhaust from the turbo back
front mount intercooler routed to clear the a/c lines
6 brand new coils (so i don't deal with breaking up)
six new coil pack clips
supra mkiv polished wheels
supra mkiv chairs (however i would recommend the chairs to be re-upolstered)
8000k Hid lights
Turn signals on the bottom converted to fog lights
sc400 front lip
There is more little things to list but that's all for now.

Included in the picture is a t6 turbo off of a diesel truck that i sent out to get rebuilt and i let them know it was for a non-diesel engine. The turbo has no shaft play at all and i sent the compressor housing to be powder coated.
Everything other than the a/c works (not sure why)

Reason for selling is i want to move on to something different. Possibly and evo or try to get an actual MKIV =). Hopefully the buyer goes through with the turbo upgrade and with some more work it would be nice to be seen in some shows.


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major transformation!!!!!damn bro that sc turned out pretty looks jus like mine now...wit those polished TT wheels on give u a call sometime bro so we can meet up n chill...or if u want u can help me put my HID's n and help me wit the wiring to convert my corners to fogs....
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