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its time to put up my 91 mazda miata mx5 forsale :( i had this car for 3 years but within that 3 years i never drove it in winter. I love this car very much and i never though the will come.

according to this month popular mechanics jay leno said this "I think the Mazda Miata will be the ultimate affordable collectible by, say, 2025. The first-generation Miata was extremely simple, and that’s part of its charm. Years ago, when we were restoring Mustangs, they seemed so complicated compared to a Ford Model A."

i m going to start off the goods
great running motor and trans 168K
clutch graps good
new slave cycliner in 2005
newer cross drill rotors and brake pads 2008 summer
15x8 red sport maxx 002 with 195/45/15 nexen tires about 80% left
rat stock carbon fiber lip
3 points jdm gold aluminum strut bar
driver side corbeau bucket seat
bride steering wheel
red turn signal air intake
Rare mazda miata M edition red leather seats. (i have driver side in the garage)
bull frog roll bar
tusdo car back exhaust
ebay hollow cat
racing beat header
racing beat intake (real racing beat)
jdm carbing air diffuser
insigna HD radio (best radio ever) free extra HD channels that have no commercials
newer oem battery 2007
aftermarket soft top with glass window
power window, power steering
clear bumper lights
working head rest speakers (passenger only)
ok heres the bad
during the storage the windshield cracked (just the lower part doesnt obstract vision)
its got rust on the rear wheel wells and lower rockers
its got some hail damages but since its a white car you cant really tell at all unless i point it out
it leaks a little oil from the oil pan ( a few drops a day about 1/2 a quart every 1000 miles)
air bag light is on, due to the after market steering wheel install
seat belts doesnt retract under its own power but it can mamually pull out (rollbar is rubbing on the retracter but can be fix if you drill a new mounting hole)
i cracked the center console when i replace the radio
the soft top got a small rip about 1 inch but it doesnt leak that much at all + you have the hard top
stock suspension so it may need some attention
the trunk got some hole because i took the lugguage rack off but i have all parts (suprisingly it doenst leak that bad)
the only major problem is the no parking lights idk why it keep poping fuses damm 10amp. i fixed this problem by putting aftermarket red lights in the lower rear bumper with a switch in the center console.
now the price i m asking $3500 obo NO TRADE

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