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F/s: 92 GMC typhoon

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Price:7500 obo
Item Description:
92 gmc typhoon. Black with black leather.
Turbocharged water intercooled 4.3l v6 awd
factory rated 280hp 360lb ft and a 13.8 1/4 and are said to be underrated. and I believe it.
dual din deck Pioneer I think
rebuilt engine and turbo with 4k+ in recipts.
Runs very strong
Always adult owned.
Have put almot no miles on it since Ive owned it.
call Ernie 503-667-2039 looking for cash sell only.

118k on chasis, motor and turbo were rebuilt at 90k. Also forgot to mention that the truck is lowered a bit more then a factory typhoon

Pics- more upon request
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damn nice suv! i have always wanted one of those or a syclone. if you decide to take a little less towards the 5500 area hit me up and I would buy it from you.

does this have a clean title no wrecks?
yes it has a clean title.
Just posting for my dad so you can call him and get all the background info that he knows of it.
How many miles on the truck?
118k on chasis engine and turbo were rebuilt by same place at 90k. Have recipt for all the work done and truck has sticker on dash of exact mileage at rebuild
How many miles on the truck?
How did I know that you would be in this thread? :)
How did I know that you would be in this thread? :)
If its got forced induction Tim will buy it. :supra1000:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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