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I have a American Heritage-Boston Model pool table for sale. "Custom legs are proportionately designed to accentuate the elegant cabinet design in American maple. This timeless look easily becomes the centerpiece of any room." Its an 8 foot pool table and has wine (red) velt. The table has been disassembled, so you would have to re-velt it and have someone set it up. The pool table comes with a cue rack w/four cue sticks, short cue stick, Premier Belgian Aramith Balls ($79.95), bridge, 9 ball rack, pool table cover, 8 ball rack, velt brush. The MSRP: $3,998.00, I am selling it for $1100. My cell 832-613-5324 or email me at [email protected]. Thanks.

The two chairs are not shown but will be included with the pool table.

Link to the rest of pics: table/
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